Client Testimonial: Dave Andras, World Gym Northeast Ohio

Image depicting a 5-star customer review.

For this client testimonial, we caught up with Dave Andras, who owns three World Gym locations in Northeast Ohio. First introduced to MOTUS CI by Senior Business Analyst Tom Ostrander, Andras shared with us his top three takeaways from working with MOTUS CI. 

1. The Scope of Available Data 

When joining MOTUS CI, new clients have their customer data and trade area analyzed through the MOTUS analytics platform. From this, a custom marketing plan can be built to target their highest priority prospect audiences and maximize trade-area opportunities. 

This access to data continues with the client-facing dashboard that tracks key performance metrics for every campaign. “I love being able to see how my marketing campaigns are performing in real-time in the MOTUS CI dashboard. I use these metrics to shape my ongoing strategy,” Andras explained. “It’s a great tool and very user-friendly” 

He plans to accumulate a year of metrics in the dashboard then leverage the data for his 2022 strategy. “I want to see what worked, what didn’t, and use that to build next year’s marketing.” 

2. The Level of Marketing Collaboration  

MOTUS CI works with clients at every stage of the marketing process. That means not only formulating strategy but designing and deploying marketing assets as well. This collaborative process has been a highlight for Andras. “The Creative Team has been incredible,” he said. “When I give them an idea for a new promotion, they immediately begin sending me design concepts.” 

Andras and the Creative Team work off a monthly cadence for marketing. He provides the promotional offer and the MOTUS team creates the campaign content. “They’re awesome at taking my words and designing visual content around them,” he said. The MOTUS Deployment Team then launches World Gym Northeast Ohio’s marketing campaigns across a variety of channels like digital, social, and print.

3. The Immediate Results

Andras was encouraged by the results his clubs saw during MOTUS CI’s initial pilot period. “Right away, we saw our lead funnel increase,” he said. His locations quickly amassed 200 new leads from MOTUS marketing campaigns. “In the fitness industry, every opportunity counts and this led to a significant spike in online enrollments compared to our monthly average.” 

Ongoing Partnership

Andras looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the MOTUS CI team. He wants to build off this initial success and further refine the marketing approach. When asked if he recommends other businesses partner with MOTUS CI, his answer is simple: “Absolutely. A hundred and ten percent.” 

Thank you for reading our client testimonial! For more info, watch our free webinar on the impact of customer segmentation in the fitness industry.