Anniversary Interview: MOTUS President Reflects on Company’s Development

Image depicting MOTUS President Pete Stipher and the title "Anniversary Interview".

This month marks the second-year anniversary of Pete Stipher joining as President of MOTUS Consumer Insights and the company’s 4th year of business. We sat down with Pete to discuss the company’s development during his tenure, lessons he’s learned, and what excites him about the future of MOTUS CI.

Q1. For those who aren’t familiar, can you give a quick overview of MOTUS CI? 

Sure. MOTUS CI is an all-in-one analytics and marketing company. We have a proprietary analytics platform that can generate an incredible amount of consumer data. We work with businesses across a variety of industries, such as healthcare, retail, fitness, and most recently, the music industry. Through our suite of analytics solutions like core customer profiles, site selection analysis, and service line optimization, we empower clients to make better business decisions.

Our Creative team then utilizes our data insights to design custom marketing campaigns for each client, which are in turn deployed and managed by our in-house media deployment team. Most importantly, we maximize our clients’ marketing budgets by zeroing in on their highest-value prospects and deploying it directly to them at the household level rather than mass spending on saturating an entire trade area.

Q2. Can you tell us what initially made you interested in joining the company? 

Easy. It was MOTUS CI’s unique value proposition. From my first meeting with the team, I realized this company could produce a larger amount of data for our clients that is not only timely but also actionable. Any client can take our data and improve their services, marketing, and customer experience. I knew as president, I could bring my skill set to develop something really great around that unique value proposition.

Q3. What has been the biggest change to MOTUS CI over the past two years? 

It has to be the growth of our internal team. When I joined, there was a great core group already in place. However, it was easy to see that if we developed our departments and solidified inter-team processes, the company could quickly realize its potential. We now have 5 main departments, and we operate two offices in Seattle and Nashville.

Filling out our in-house team was a top priority for me because it meant we could segment responsibilities across departments. This has paid major dividends in terms of enhancing our operational capabilities and optimizing our customer experience. With the right people in place, we’ve dramatically increased our ability to not only win new clients but retain them for the long term.

Q4. Half your tenure has been during COVID-19. What has it taught you?

While 2020 was incredibly challenging, year-over-year our company actually grew substantially. That’s despite working with clients in some of the hardest-hit industries like fitness and retail. So COVID-19 has shown me we offer solutions that make a difference for our clients.

Even more importantly, 2020 highlighted one of our core strengths, which was the ability to hyper-target new prospects for our clients, in turn helping them to reduce their marketing spend and increase their ROI. Obviously, most marketing budgets shrank last year. We can make the most of even small budgets by showing our clients exactly which prospects to target, what products to sell them, and how to engage them at the household level.

Q5. What advice would you give someone developing a new company? 

Learn to invest your capital wisely. This is a crucial skill that has really contributed to our success at MOTUS CI. First, we prioritized investing in the right people. We emphasized hiring folks with experience in our core client industries like fitness, retail, and healthcare.

Next, we invested in the right technology. This has enabled us to streamline our internal and external processes as well as round out our capabilities. We’ve significantly enhanced our analytics capabilities by partnering with the right vendors. For example, we improved our ability to present our data in a more visual way. We were finding clients getting a little lost in the numbers. To be fair, it’s a lot of data. Now, we can produce incredible visuals, including maps and various diagrams to easily demonstrate what the data is telling us.

Q6. How do you see MOTUS CI developing moving forward? 

What excites me about the future of the company is that we’ve accomplished a lot of the most difficult parts of creating a new company. We solidified data platforms, our departments, our people and identified the key industries our solutions can have an impact on.

Now, we can focus on sourcing client feedback to refine and evolve our services. There will always be a client who has a specific business need that requires a unique data solution. MOTUS CI is now positioned to quickly address those challenges with our expanded offerings. Our analytics platform is an incredibly powerful tool. I can’t wait to discover new ways to leverage it for our clients.

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