Competitor Analysis by MOTUS CI Empowers Businesses to Compete Smarter (Press Release)

Competitor Analysis

MOTUS Consumer Insights, an analytics and marketing company, offers a comprehensive Competitor Analysis by leveraging its proprietary analytics platform. MOTUS CI sources over 60,000 data points to compile a profile of each competing business in a trade area or a specific competitor. “Having a strong marketing plan for your services is only half the battle,” said Chris Finch, Vice President of Analytics for MOTUS Consumer Insights. “Your marketing needs to make the most compelling case possible for why your business and its services provide more value than the store next door. To do this, you need reliable and in-depth competitor research.” 

MOTUS CI’s Competitor Analysis uncovers key insights into the competition, such as their most popular products, service plans, top member persona types, and the customer segments you are actively competing over. All of which, the MOTUS analytics team will evaluate and contextualize for its clients after the analysis. “We view ourselves as partners with our clients,” said Finch. “So, we make sure you fully understand the data analysis and can implement its insights into your marketing strategy.”

Further, a major differentiator of the MOTUS CI Competitor Analysis is the analytics and marketing company’s deep roots in business operations. “MOTUS CI was founded by a group of small business owners and operators who were frustrated by the limited consumer data available, so we built our own analytics platform,” said Chris Finch. “With a MOTUS Competitor Analysis, you don’t just receive critical insights. You get a dedicated team with real-world business experience who know how to harness data analytics to compete smarter in your industry.” With a collective century of business experience, the MOTUS CI team is ready to collaborate with you to maximize the impact of your Competitor Analysis. 

About MOTUS Consumer Insights

MOTUS Consumer Insights is an all-in-one analytics and marketing company. Treating clients like partners, MOTUS CI delivers an in-depth understanding of customers with its proprietary analytics platform, then works directly with clients to create effective marketing campaigns that leverage the data. The company offers both analytics services, like core customer profiles, new location site scoring, and trade area analysis, and marketing services, like addressable geofencing, paid search, and hyper-targeted direct mail, and more. To learn more, contact MOTUS Consumer Insights at