Image depicting various core customer profile cards with info on each customer group.


Customer Profile

Unlock Higher Engagement with Segmentation Marketing

Who are your top customer segments? Complete the form to find out.

Unlock Higher Engagement with Segmentation Marketing

What is the Core Customer Profile?

MOTUS CI’s Core Customer Profile is a data analysis of your existing customer information. From this analysis, our analytics platform groups your customers in up-to 71 unique segments. Segments are built around key traits customers share, like geographic, behavioral, economic, and psychographic attributes. The Core Customer Profile enables you to improve the customer experience, market with greater precision, and discover new prospects who match your top segments.

How MOTUS CI Leverages Segmentation Data

  • Identifying your top 10 segments based on opportunity level.
  • Building lookalike prospect audiences who match top segments.
  • Tailoring marketing messaging, imagery, and offers to each segment. 
  • Deploying promotions through each segment’s preferred marketing channels to increase campaign engagement.


How to Receive Your Core Customer Profile

  • Complete the form.
  • Our Business Analyst contacts you.
  • They help gather your customer data.
  • Our analytics platform analyzes the data.
  • You receive your Core Customer Profile.
  • We provide key insights into the data.


Data Insights Your Core Customer Profile Includes: 

Your Club’s Top 10 Member Segments

Graph depicting a business's top 10 customer segments ranked by opportunity level.

(Benefit: Allocate your budget toward your highest opportunity prospect segments.)


Plotted Map of Prospect Households in Trade Area

Map with plotted points of prospect households in client's trade area.

(Benefit: Identify clusters of your primary, secondary, and tertiary trade-area prospect segments in relation to your business. Green dot indicates the client’s business.)


Your Top Prospects’ Preferred Marketing Channels

A pie chart depicting a business's prospect audience's preferred marketing channels.

(Benefit: Focus your ad budget on the marketing channels most likely to engage your target audience.)


Your Top Prospects’ Preferred Social Media Platforms

A pie chart depicting a business's prospect audience's preferred social media platforms.

(Benefit: Build your brand visibility on the social media platforms your core prospects use most.)