COVID-19 Market Trend Report Announced by MOTUS CI (Press Release)

COVID-19 Market Trend Report

MOTUS Consumer Insights, a leading analytics and marketing company, is leveraging its proprietary analytics platform to help businesses understand and address the shifts to their businesses caused by the pandemic. MOTUS CI’s COVID-19 Market Trend Report combines customer and sales information with over 60,000 data points to map emerging sales and attrition trends. “With over a collective century of business operations experience, the MOTUS CI team knows that sales strategy is often dictated by past on-the-job experience and intuition,” said Chris Finch, Vice President of Analytics for MOTUS Consumer Insights. “However, this is an unprecedented time, and you can’t exclusively rely on past experiences. In the post-COVID market, creating a winning sales and marketing strategy will require in-depth data insights.”  

MOTUS CI believes the COVID-19 Market Trend Report will help businesses restart and renew their marketing efforts after temporary closures caused by the pandemic. “After reopening, we found many of our clients were seeing diminishing returns from their marketing campaigns, or worse, they had completely stalled,” said Finch. “This new service is designed to give sales teams concrete and actionable data to build a marketing plan around.” Using the report, businesses can identify high-cancellation-risk customer segments to proactively retain their business as well as discover new sales opportunities waiting to be tapped. 

The COVID-19 Market Trend Report is another way MOTUS CI partners with businesses. “As an all-in-one analytics and marketing company, we work with clients at every step in the process, from initial analysis to deploying their promotions,” said Finch. “That partnership extends to the COVID-19 Market Trend Report. This isn’t a one-time analysis. We revisit your data monthly to ensure you have the most up-to-date and accurate picture of your marketplace.” Through ongoing analysis, MOTUS CI can proactively track emerging sales trends, potential downturns, and new revenue opportunities as they develop in each industry space.

About MOTUS Consumer Insights

MOTUS Consumer Insights is an all-in-one analytics and marketing company. Treating clients like partners, MOTUS CI delivers an in-depth understanding of customers with its proprietary analytics platform, then works directly with clients to create effective marketing campaigns that leverage the data. The company offers both analytics services, like core customer profiles, new location site score, and trade area analysis, and marketing services, like addressable geofencing, paid search, and hyper-targeted direct mail, and more. To learn more, contact MOTUS Consumer Insights at