Connected TV & OTT Advertising

Reach your high-value audiences in their living rooms.

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Reach your high-value audiences in their living rooms.

What are CTV & OTT?

Connected TV Advertising (CTV) refers to ads delivered to viewers through an internet-enabled television, such as smart TVs or TVs connected to streaming devices like Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, or gaming consoles.

Over The Top (OTT) refers to advertising content that is delivered directly to viewers via the internet, sidestepping traditional closed TV formats like cable, satellite, and broadcast. Unlike CTV advertising, OTT includes ads delivered to viewers on non-TV screens like smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Engage a Growing Audience

By 2023, it’s expected that 82% of the US population will have a Connected TV in their home, and 44% of homes will no longer have either cable or satellite services. MOTUS CI enables your business to tap into this growing audience with hyper-targeted precision. Our proprietary analytics platform analyzes your data to identify which of your customer segments are the most responsive to CTV and OTT advertising. We then deliver video ads directly to these customers on a household level. By reaching your audiences in their living rooms CTV, your ads are non-skippable and have higher engagement rates.

How is MOTUS CI’s CTV Service Different?

Traditionally, small businesses have been priced out of CTV advertising. As a marketing agency serving hundreds of clients, MOTUS CI is able to collectively purchase CTV advertising space and provide clients access to this advertising platform at a much more competitive rate. This opens an enterprise-level marketing channel to small businesses.