MOTUS CI’s Facebook Marketing Increases Leads by 58% (Case Study)

Graphic depicting 58% increase in leads MOTUS CI generated through Facebook Marketing.


By streamlining its Facebook Marketing and analyzing trade-area opportunities, MOTUS CI enhanced company-wide leads for a multi-location martial arts school.

The Client Need

A martial arts school operating forty-five locations across four states needed fresh digital marketing solutions to jumpstart lead generation. The school’s director of marketing was first introduced to MOTUS Consumer Insights by the marketing director of a major US fitness chain who highly recommended the analytics and marketing company. 

After meeting with dozens of competing marketing agencies, the martial arts school selected MOTUS CI for three reasons:

  • 1.) The team’s extensive business operations experience in the fitness industry.
  • 2.) The analytics capability to segment customers and market directly to prospects at a household level.
  • 3.) MOTUS CI’s flexibility. Across its forty-five schools, the level of marketing needs drastically varies, and MOTUS CI has the infrastructure to scale its services to each individual location. 

The MOTUS Solution

To begin, MOTUS CI conducted a trade-area analysis of each of the martial arts school’s locations to uncover marketable opportunities. By suppressing the locations’ current membership lists, MOTUS CI was able to identify fresh prospect audiences. Then using its proprietary analytics platform, MOTUS CI grouped the new prospects into marketing segments and ranked them based on opportunity level. This enabled the martial arts school to focus marketing spend on the most high-value prospects in each of its locations’ trade areas. 

Next, MOTUS CI streamlined the martial arts school’s Facebook marketing. The pre-existing workflow redirected online leads to each individual location’s Facebook page where they then needed to complete another form to be pushed through the sales funnel. To reduce friction in the process, MOTUS CI built a Facebook webform that directly captures interested leads’ information and funnels it into a master prospect list that the sales team uses for prospecting. 

The Result

Since the martial arts school onboarded with MOTUS CI, leads have increased 58% year over year across the company. The school plans to continue working with the MOTUS CI team to further refine the lead capture process. The two teams will work to maximize the sales-closed rate of the newly generated leads.

What’s Next?

Schedule a time to talk with a MOTUS team member. We’ll discuss strategies we can implement to enhance your company’s lead generation.