Increasing Brand Visibility In An Election Year

Increasing Brand Visibility

It’s an election year, and for businesses, that means struggling to maintain brand visibility as more and more ad space is flooded with campaign advertisements pushing one candidate or the other. It’s a tall order. 

Luckily, 2020 has been a relatively quiet year… Okay, it’s been the most chaotic year in living memory. Packed with one head-turning, eye-catching event after another. 

So, how can you boost your brand visibility in a year with a presidential election AND a global pandemic? 

By building marketing campaigns that:

  • Focus on value
  • Hyper-target audiences
  • Utilize an omnichannel strategy 

Emphasize Your Value Proposition 

Ever read or watch an ad and find yourself thinking, “Wait… What were they selling?” That’s the downfall of ads that emphasize style, concept, or clever taglines over plainly stating their value proposition. 

In a year where you have to fight to be seen, don’t waste your narrow window of opportunity on vague promotions. Before you create your marketing campaign, boil your value proposition down to its simplest terms. Ask yourself, what is the number one thing I want prospects to take from this? 

Turbo Tax Logo

An extreme example of this strategy is the marketing for TurboTax Free. Through every commercial, “free” replaces all other spoken words. You hear it over and over. But after each ad, you know one thing for sure: “TurboTax Free is Free, free free free.” 

Ditch Saturation Marketing Tactics

Things are cluttered enough in 2020. Saturating your trade area blindly with marketing will yield low results for a high cost. Instead, use consumer analytics to focus your marketing spend. 

Through analytics, you can narrow the 2,000 leads in your trade area down to the 250 most likely to purchase your services. Then you can focus your marketing budget directly into reaching and converting these high-value prospects.

With a hyper-targeted approach, every marketing dollar you spend goes further. You’ll see more ROI on your money and higher conversion rates. 

Engage Prospects with Multiple Touchpoints

You can’t rely on one touchpoint to convert prospects. Sales is a process, even when a prospect is interested in your services. According to Salesforce, “it takes six-to-eight touches to generate a viable sales lead.” 

Rather than engage prospects once or twice through a single marketing channel, deploy your campaigns using an omnichannel approach. This means adapting your promotions for several spaces like addressable geofencing, email, connected TV, targeted mobile ads, and direct mail, to name a few. 

Because landing the sale takes multiple touchpoints, don’t be afraid to be persistent. The key is allowing prospects to opt-out of campaigns if they choose. Otherwise, keep the conversation going across ad spaces. 

Final Thoughts 

The closer we get to November, the more space will be consumed by the presidential election. Proactively boost your brand’s visibility by creating marketing campaigns that are value-prop focused, hyper-targeted, and deploy through an omnichannel strategy. 

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