6 Ways Marketing Deployment Increases Efficiency

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In this Expert interview, Taralynn Castaneda, Director of Deployment for MOTUS CI, shares six ways the MOTUS Deployment team enhances efficiency and ROI for our client’s marketing. 

1. Segmenting Campaign Audiences for Enhanced Engagement

A key function of the MOTUS Deployment team is audience segmentation. We’re given an incredible amount of data pertaining to our client’s customers and prospects. Our job is to review this data and create segmented audiences for specific campaigns. Targeted marketing saves our client’s money. Rather than big spends on mass marketing campaigns, we focus our client’s budgets on connecting specific customer segments with the promotional offers they are most likely going to purchase.

*MOTUS identifies your top ten customer segments, along with total number of customers in each segment who can be targeted with marketing campaigns.

2. Retargeting Prospects Who Leave the Sales Funnel

My team monitors campaign data metrics to track prospect attrition. We then retarget lost prospects with additional marketing to re-engage them in the sales funnel. Additionally, by monitoring attrition, we can answer two important questions: 

  • 1.) Where in a campaign’s sales funnel are prospects dropping out?  
  • 2.) What is causing them to drop out? 

From this, we can diagnose friction in the buying process, like overly complicated webforms or confusing campaign steps. 

3. Refining Ad Spend to Maximize ROI

Simply put, it’s the Deployment team’s protocol to refine campaigns until they maximize your budget. We want to allocate every dollar to the exact right place, so you see the highest possible ROI. We’re able to do this because of the in-depth audience data and marketing tools at our disposal. 

4. Identifying Campaign Inefficiencies 

MOTUS CI clients are given a dashboard to monitor campaign performance. Coupled with that, my team is consistently reviewing campaign metrics. This level of review enables us to identify inefficiencies in a campaign’s performance as quickly as possible. Rather than losing weeks on ineffective marketing, your campaigns operate as intended for optimal results.

*Snapshot of the MOTUS client dashboard which tracks key campaign performance metrics.

5. Strategizing Campaign Lead Journey

Typically, clients have an idea of a campaign’s message and offer. However, the exact steps that a lead will take through the campaign aren’t fleshed out. My team collaborates with clients to map out the lead journey. 

This includes advising clients on best practices to streamline the process. The smoother the lead journey, the more likely prospects will complete the desired action: buy a product, join a newsletter, or read a blog. Additionally, we identify the marketing assets a campaign will need, like dedicated webforms or Facebook integrations. 

6. Keeping Clients Focused On Their Businesses  

An undervalued benefit that we provide our clients: freedom from campaign management. Running marketing campaigns is like spinning plates on poles. It takes a lot of attention and energy to keep the plates spinning. Our clients might have four Facebook ads, two addressable geofencing promotions, and a CTV advertising campaign running simultaneously. By managing their marketing, we keep our client’s attention where it should be, running their businesses. 

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