Site Selection Analysis From MOTUS CI Powered By Leading Consumer Analytics (Press Release)

Site Selection Analysis

MOTUS Consumer Insights, a leading analytics and marketing company, empowers businesses across industries to confidently choose new locations with its Site Selection Analysis. The MOTUS proprietary analytics platform leverages over 60,000 data points to analyze each of a business’s potential new sites. Based on the analysis, the sites are assigned a viability score and ranked from most-to-least viable. “At MOTUS, we don’t believe in relying on best guesses in business, especially when choosing your new location,” said Chris Finch, Vice President of Analytics for MOTUS Consumer Insights. “That’s why we built an analytics platform capable of sourcing an unparalleled dataset, so our clients receive the most comprehensive view of each potential site’s pros and cons.”  

Potential sites are scored based on a variety of key metrics that impact the success of new businesses. Metrics include the site’s trade-area competition levels, the density of qualified customers, and the physical site’s visibility and accessibility. “Every business has a unique list of attributes they prioritize in a new location,” said Finch. “A key part of our process is to learn the attributes our clients are targeting, then use our analysis to zero in on the top sites that meet those qualifications.” 

Further, MOTUS CI dual status as an analytics and marketing company is a major differentiator for its Site Selection Analysis. “Our team is uniquely positioned to help our clients find success at every stage of their new business’s journey,” Finch explained. “Not only will we find you the perfect site, but we can leverage the data insights from our analysis to build you a winning marketing strategy for your new location.” With MOTUS CI’s data-driven approach, your new business can begin connecting with its customers on a household level through personalized marketing campaigns before you even open your doors. 

About MOTUS Consumer Insights

MOTUS Consumer Insights is an all-in-one analytics and marketing company. Treating clients like partners, MOTUS CI delivers an in-depth understanding of customers with its proprietary analytics platform, then works directly with clients to create effective marketing campaigns that leverage the data. The company offers both analytics services, like core customer profiles, new location site scoring, and trade area analysis, and marketing services, like addressable geofencing, paid search, and hyper-targeted direct mail, and more. To learn more, contact MOTUS Consumer Insights at