Client Testimonial: Bryan Avaylon, Crunch Fitness & Elements Health Clubs

Image of the front lobby of a Crunch Fitness gym.

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The smartest decisions are data-driven decisions, and MOTUS Consumer Insights delivers the insights your club needs to take its marketing and member engagement to the next level.

Bryan Avaylon is CEO and Partner of a group that owns Crunch Franchise and Elements Health Clubs in The Pacific Northwest. When he begin seeking options to make his clubs’ marketing more effective, he turned to MOTUS Consumer Insights.

According to Avaylon, he chose MOTUS Consumer Insights because they had a team of trusted experts and would “not just pump out marketing for their benefit, with a hope for results.”

Here, Avaylon shares his experience partnering with MOTUS Consumer Insights:

1.) How have MOTUS analytics & creative services improved customer & prospect engagement?

My clubs have several different models, which attract distinctly different members — running a cookiecutter campaign was not going to get it. With the analytics, we were able to drill down on our specific potential customer, generate creative material and offering to match such, and further determine what would be the best venue to use in pushing out our marketing assets.

2.) What features and/or services from MOTUS Consumer Insights does your staff love most?

Besides being badasses at what they do, they are a big part of our team. I (we) pick up the phone, brainstorm and get insight — they are definitely our partner.

3.) Why is it so important to have customer data analytics working for you?

I would repeat the above, but also add no one appreciates a campaign that falls flat. During these times, you’d better know your member, what scares them, what gets them comfortable to return and what gets them excited to come in. MOTUS delivers those actionable insights.

4.) How would you rate MOTUS Consumer Insights’ customer support?

The best!

5.) Why should other club operators consider working with MOTUS Consumer Insights?

Of course, no club who is in our area should use them! But if you’re not in our area and looking for cutting-edge analytics, be prepared to enjoy a great new partner that produces and does what they say.

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