What is New Mover Marketing?

Image depicting a moving van and text reading, "What is New Mover Marketing?"

Every year, over 30 million Americans move. And unless they move down the street, they have to find businesses in their new area that can meet their long list of needs. From choosing their new grocery store, dentist, and healthcare provider to discovering new shops, gyms, and home goods retailers. 

In short, New Movers are a huge opportunity for any businesses. However, they are often overlooked in marketing plans. New Mover Marketing empowers businesses to target this valuable customer segment with relevant and engaging digital ads.

Why New Mover Marketing is Valuable 

New Movers Are 5x More Loyal

This segment of customers is starting fresh. They have no previous loyalties to your competition or assumptions about your business. In general, they form a stronger loyalty for the businesses that convert them first. This translates to a higher lifetime customer value. 

New Movers Spend More

Studies show that most people spend more in the first six months after moving than the average consumer does in three years! This is an opportunity for local retailers to help them furnish and stock their new homes. While area fitness clubs can help New Movers re-establish their workout routine post-move.

How does New Mover Marketing Work? 

New Mover Marketing depends upon reliable and up-to-date consumer data. With our data partners, MOTUS CI can source lists of New Movers in any trade area. From these lists, we build personalized digital marketing for our clients’ businesses. We then deploy the digital ads directly to the New Movers. Through this process, we’re able to connect our clients with the newest arrivals in their trade areas. 

How to Target Your Competitor’s New Movers

New Mover Marketing can be leveraged beyond a business’s own trade area. At MOTUS CI, we run Competitor New Mover Marketing for our clients. We do this by pulling New Mover lists in their primary competitors’ areas and serving digital ads to these prospects. This is a proactive strategy to build a connection with your competitor’s high-value leads before they can. 

Ultimately, New Mover Marketing is a win-win. Moving is a highly stressful life event and requires hundreds of decisions to be made. By marketing the right services at the right time to New Movers, you can help them knock one more thing off their list. And for your business, you’ll be gaining highly loyal customers who spend more. 

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