Why Consumer Data Advances Healthcare Marketing (Expert Interview)

Headshot image of Russ Gannon, who is interviewed in this article.

1. Can you give us an overview of your healthcare experience? 

I worked with HCA Healthcare for over 18 years. HCA is one of the largest healthcare companies in the nation, operating over 185 hospitals in 20 states and the United Kingdom. Additionally, HCA runs over 2,000 care sites like freestanding ERs, surgery centers, urgent care centers, walk-in clinics and physician clinics. In my career, I served as the Director of Marketing and Sales for various HCA hospitals in Middle Tennessee. Finally, I was promoted to Vice President of Marketing, where I guided the overall healthcare marketing strategy for HCA.  

2. What do you like about healthcare marketing? 

I always felt that as a healthcare marketer I had the privilege of helping to bring patients together with the right services they need. Many times throughout my career, we were able to make patients and their families aware of procedures and technologies that drastically improved or even saved their lives. It’s satisfying to know your work is making a difference for people who need it. 

3. How can digital marketing connect healthcare facilities with the right patients? 

The key is to utilize in-depth consumer data to build very targeted digital marketing campaigns that are contextual to the specific audiences. With the right data, healthcare facilities can discover new patient segments who need their services. At MOTUS CI, we provide our clients a hyper-targeted approach that can help them find more qualified customers in the areas they serve and match them with the specific services they need. Once these audiences have been identified we can build marketing campaigns with relevant messaging that speak specifically to their needs.

4. What is the biggest opportunity data presents to healthcare providers? 

Highly targeted, data-driven healthcare marketing can bridge the gap between providers and the people who need their services. At MOTUS CI, we use data to drive every decision we make. That’s true for all our clients, from national retail chains to small community hospitals. Our proprietary algorithms combined with the insights of our numerous consumer behavior data partners, allow us to eliminate the guesswork and dramatically increase the effectiveness of each campaign.

5. If a healthcare provider is interested in consumer data, where should they start? 

Start by scheduling some time with our team. We’ll have a conversation about your business. We want to understand your goals, your services, your competitive landscape, and the types of consumers you wish to target. After that, we’ll conduct a Trade Area Analysis to understand where specific consumer segments are located and the types of marketing channels that they are most likely to engage with. Finally, we’ll partner with you to build creative content that is contextual to each consumer segment you target.

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