What is Site Selection?

What is Site Selection?

Powerful Analytics, Out-of-the-Box

This tool allows business users to view current locations, understand customer demographics, run a similarity search, and analyze whitespace or greenfield opportunities using performance metrics and geospatial data to both model and simulate new locations.

Three Core Analytical Functions

Three Core Analytical Functions

  • Existing Store Analysis
    An AI platform that uses machine learning to do a thorough study of all accessible data points in order to completely comprehend what makes certain locations successful while others are not.
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  • Twin Area Analysis
    Similarity Search for identifying areas in new or existing markets based on another location’s performance.
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  • New Store Simulation
    Use your company’s asset data and key sales metrics to uncover new site opportunities.
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Data Sources

Real-time Machine Learning Site Selection tool

  • Behavioral


    Browsing habits, app usage, feelings, and experiences shared over social media platforms

  • Derived Datasets

    Derived Datasets

    Datasets curated by MOTUS Consumer Insights in common geographic supports to ease spatial analytics

  • Financial


    Merchant and ATM Transaction data from leading banks and credit card companies

  • Road Traffic

    Road Traffic

    Data from routing apps and GPS to analyze traffic patterns and commuters

  • Demographics


    The most recent census data including age, income, household types, and more

  • Housing


    Utilizing property statistics of prices, and market history to help drive decisions and investment

  • Geographies


    Digital boundaries for data aggregation and display on a map

  • Points of Interest

    Points of Interest

    Location data for business establishments, restaurants, schools, and attractions

  • Environmental


    Climate and weather data, including exposure to weather-based hazards

  • Covid-19


    Data especially curated to analyze the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic