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Experience Meets Data.

MOTUS CI combines in-depth data analysis and decades of industry experience to create a marketing plan that is tailored specifically to your business. Whether it’s the latest digital strategy or a traditional marketing practice, we only recommend the services that make sense for your business and your customers.

Our Services

  • Addressable Geofencing

    Addressable Geofencing

    Create digital perimeters around your business, competitors, conference buildings, and households to serve mobile ads to geographically relevant prospects.

  • Programmatic Display

    Programmatic Display

    Enhance your ability to deliver ads across the entire digital landscape by using automated software to buy ad space viewed by your target audience.

  • Connected TV & OTT Advertising

    Connected TV & OTT Advertising

    Deliver video ads through subscription streaming apps via internet-connected smart TVs and OTT devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, and Apple TV.

  • Curated Audiences

    Curated Audiences

    Target specialty audiences like prospects who have recently moved into your trade area, ESL communities, or households with specific characteristics.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Combine MOTUS data with Facebook interest selections to generate a list of up to one million highly qualified Facebook prospects.

  • Keyword Contextual Search

    Keyword Contextual Search

    Use keywords relevant to your business to discover prospects who have searched for or visited web pages featuring them during a designated time frame.

  • Direct Mail

    Direct Mail

    Take your message directly to prospects’ mailboxes by hyper-targeting qualified households or by saturating high-density carrier routes.

  • Paid Search

    Paid Search

    Serve prospects ads for your business directly on major search engines when they search for relevant keywords.

  • Image of smartphone with the Amazon logo displayed.

    Amazon Demand-Side Platform

    Image of smartphone with the Amazon logo displayed.

    Amazon Demand-Side Platform

    Tap into Amazon’s purchase history to find shoppers with the intent to buy the products you sell and market directly to them on the Amazon-owned websites they visit every day.

  • TikTok


    TikTok provides you with a unique opportunity to reach young audiences as 48% of Americans under 30 use the app 13-16 times daily, with total daily use estimated at 60-82 minutes.

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