Erin Oncken named Director of Sales and Marketing

Motus Consumer Insights names new Director of Sales and Marketing


MOTUS Consumer Insights, a leading business analytics and marketing agency has named Erin Oncken as Director of Sales & Marketing. She is the latest in a series of executive-level hires and promotions facilitating the Company’s rapid expansion.

Erin is an accomplished business development executive, business consultant, and industry leader. She gained her experience working with two of the largest global brands in the industry, where she spearheaded business development activities and organizational pivots to successfully achieve exponential financial milestones. After nearly two decades in the industry, Erin has supported some of the top club operators in the country, representing more than 1,000 facilities. “As Director of Sales and Marketing for MOTUS CI, I am excited to be able to help build knowledge in the industry about how we leverage MOTUS CI’s data intelligence and marketing capabilities, to help fast-track facility leaders in their path to gain, or re-gain, their position at the top.”

“Throughout the past two years, MOTUS CI has experienced tremendous growth across our primary verticals of retail, healthcare, and fitness,” said Pete Stipher, President of MOTUS Consumer Insights. “This growth is directly attributed to our talented team and their ability to provide very targeted data-driven solutions to our clients. As Director of Sales and Marketing, Erin’s vast industry experience and ability to problem-solve will help ensure that we are providing industry leaders a higher level of visibility into the benefits of our services.”

Before accepting the role of Director of Sales and Marketing, Erin served as a Senior Business Executive for the Company. In that role, her knowledge and passion for the mission of MOTUS CI ensured our clients’ expectations were being met. She worked directly with the MOTUS CI strategy and analytics teams to understand the client’s goals and to develop data-driven solutions to help them achieve success.

“Having been in the industry for some time, the thing that excites me most about what we are doing at MOTUS CI is that we offer a truly unique all-in-one analytics and marketing solution,” said Oncken. “Our teams have built industry-disrupting algorithms that help our customers better understand the ever-evolving consumer landscape and use those insights to identify and engage the right customers at the right time.” With the promotion of Erin, the company expects to engage at a much higher level with business leaders to ensure they have a full understanding of how MOTUS CI can be an invaluable partner by leveraging consumer data to enhance their sales and marketing decisions.

About MOTUS Consumer Insights

MOTUS Consumer Insights is an all-in-one analytics and marketing company. Treating clients like partners, MOTUS CI delivers an in-depth understanding of customers with its proprietary analytics platform, then works directly with clients to create effective marketing campaigns that leverage the data. The company offers both analytics services, like core customer profiles, new location site scoring, trade area analysis, and marketing services, like addressable geofencing, paid search, hyper-targeted direct mail, and more. To learn more, contact MOTUS Consumer Insights at