Rebranding Service for Sieveking Plastic Surgery (Client Q&A)

Image depicting the photograph of the interview subject and the headline rebranding.

The Client:

Sieveking Plastic Surgery, a Nashville-based health and wellness brand. 

The Service:

Rebranding (a MOTUS CI Creative service)

The Overview:

MOTUS CI’s VP of Client Services Russ Gannon sat down with Anna Walker, Director of Marketing for Sieveking Plastic Surgery, for a brief eight-question Q&A about her experience working with the MOTUS creative team to unify Sieveking’s various service lines through rebranding. 

The Q&A:

(Q1) Russ Gannon: Can you give us an overview of the Sieveking brand? 

Anna Walker: Dr. Sieveking is a Stanford-trained, board-certified surgeon specializing in plastic surgery and functional medicine in Nashville, TN. He’s known both locally and nationally for achieving highly natural-appearing results for his patients.

In addition to plastic surgery, the Sieveking brand offers a full-service med spa with injectables and laser treatments; and a wellness and nutrition program called Ageless Solutions for weight management, hormone replacement, regenerative therapy, among other chronic condition treatments. Additionally, Dr. Sieveking offers online wound care, an initiative to bring virtual wound treatment to populations unable to easily access medical care. 

With all his services, Dr. Sieveking emphasizes a philosophy of beauty from the inside out. His continued passion is helping patients feel as good on the inside as he can help them look on the outside.

(Q2) Gannon: What were you looking to accomplish through rebranding?  

Walker: We believe the variety of services we offer is a key differentiator for the Sieveking brand. However, we’ve found our patients didn’t have an understanding of the full scope of services provided. They may be familiar with our aesthetic medicine line but miss out on our wellness services because of a lack of brand cohesion. A major factor for this disconnect was the separate branding and differing URLs for each service line. Rebranding gave us an opportunity to unify our service lines and enhance patient understanding of our entire business model.

(Q3) Gannon: How did the MOTUS creative team help you achieve your objective of unifying the different Sieveking service lines? 

Walker: By defining the brand hierarchy. In the rebranding, they established Sieveking Plastic Surgery as the primary brand then aligned the branding of each subsequent service line to it. This was a big job because only Sieveking Plastic Surgery and Ageless Solutions service lines had any pre-existing branding collateral. They also helped craft content around Dr. Sieveking’s depth of expertise. We now use this material across our service lines to make sure his credentials are at the forefront of our messaging.  

(Q4) Gannon: What factors contributed to you choosing MOTUS CI for rebranding? 

Walker: To be honest, my primary motivator was my personal experience with you. We’ve worked together in different capacities for over twenty years, so I understand the expansive knowledge you have for marketing and branding. I was confident you had assembled a creative team at MOTUS CI who could deliver what we needed for our rebranding. 

(Q5) Gannon: Can you talk about how your team and the MOTUS CI team collaborated during the process, and why that was important?  

Walker: Yes, the process was very collaborative both in terms of our internal team and with MOTUS CI. At Sieveking, we highly value the input of our staff, so we made sure they were onboard with the look and feel of each service line’s branding. We depended on the feedback from our clinicians to non-clinicians to ensure the rebranding authentically represented our services and the value they offer patients. 

Additionally, the MOTUS CI creative team were awesome collaborators. During the rebranding process, they were extremely responsive, very dependable, and whenever we reached out with a project need, they immediately began discussing solutions. The process couldn’t have been smoother. It’s obvious they take a lot of pride in their work. 

(Q6) Gannon: How did the rebranding help define the Sieveking brand? 

Walker: We want our branding across the Sieveking service lines to convey a polished image and high-quality clinical excellence. That wasn’t being achieved with the previous logo and creative collateral. We feel our new logo and brand guidelines (the color scheme, font, and design layout) MOTUS CI created reflect the level of sophistication customers expect from Sieveking Plastic Surgery and its associated services. 

(Q7) Gannon: What impact have you seen from the rebranding? 

Walker: The rebranding has had a huge impact on our ability to cross-sell services. We used the creative collateral the MOTUS CI team created to put together new patient packets. These packets and the unified branding have enhanced client understanding of our full offerings. Often, we have patients who come in for cosmetic surgery and after reviewing our materials say, “I didn’t know you had a Medspa here too!” Our client base is expanding, and I believe the rebrand has been one contributing factor to that growth. 

(Q8) Gannon: Would you recommend other companies work with MOTUS CI for rebranding? 

Walker: Absolutely. I’ve had the pleasure of working with you for years. So choosing MOTUS CI for our rebranding was a no brainer. Now that the rebranding is complete, we’re looking forward to utilizing the marketing and analytics services that MOTUS has to offer.

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