MOTUS CI Original Webinar:

Join Pete Stipher (President of MOTUS CI), Aaron Verasammy (ABC Fitness Solutions), and Blair McHaney (CEO of MXM) as they break down the steps to achieving Customer Success via Personalization.

The Panelists:

Pete Stipher will share how to unveil the defining characteristics of the ideal customers by conducting a core customer study and building look-a-like audiences who share similar attributes. These insights help identify the customer’s personal needs and interests, enabling a more client-centric approach to business.

Aaron Verasammy reflects on the importance of CRM and how leveraging data can help drive a more personalized customer experience.

Blair McHaney, who has decades of experience in the fitness industry, will outline how to build a data-centric business using MXM’s platform services, providing the customer insights needed to retain and grow the current member base.

Watch now:

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