Optimizing Customer Segments (Webinar)

MOTUS Webinar: Optimizing Member Segments

MOTUS CI Original Webinar:

“Optimizing Customer Segments for HVLP, Luxury, and Studio Clubs.”

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About the Webinar:

Join Pete Stipher (President) and Lyle Gadin (VP of Client Strategy) as they examine COVID-19’s impact on customer segments. Using our Location Study analytics, MOTUS CI analyzed a year of member visitation data for HVLP, luxury, and studio clubs. By studying locations across the U.S., our team identified how COVID-19 reshaped customer segments nationally and regionally. This webinar offers insights valuable to business operators across industries. Watch now to learn how marketing segmentation and in-depth data are key to optimizing customer segments. 

This webinar was originally presented as part of Club Solutions Connect.

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